G is for Golden Bear

The Golden Bear
24th & K
Midtown Sacramento

The Golden Bear is the cool kid in town. It’s too hip for the brainless nightclub scene, but too trendy for true dive bar status. It’s where midtown hipsters with $200 haircuts go to drink $2 beers. I’ve been going for years now and the Golden Bear is too cool to have even noticed.

To the Golden Bear I’m just a another faceless chump with quickly-going-of-style clothes. I’m too fat for this slim fit jeans crowd and those t-shirts at Urban Outfitters are funny, but only like the first time. Plus they’re so expensive.

I admire the midtown hipsters though and if I were younger, skinnier and had one of those fixed-gear bikes, I’d join them in an instant. Outside of old people, the midtown hipsters are my favorite bar crowd. They are generally friendly, smart and highly amusing. Of course, there are a few way-too-hip losers too, but whatever.

During my most recent visit, my camera was M.I.A. so I’ve recreated the scene with Paint.

This is what the crowd looked like:


This is what I drank:



And this is how I got home:


* Cheap beer (Miller High Life, anyhow)
* Cool location

Pretty average. Definitely not a ripoff.

Hip, hip, hip…and generally young. 98% indie. If you’re a lonely artsy type guy this would be a great place to meet a girl…and things will go great for the two of you until, slowly but surely, she reveals herself to be completely crazy.

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