J is for Jamie’s

Jamie’s Bar & Grill
427 Broadway


Jamie’s is such a good bar that they don’t even need to put their name on the front of the place. I think there’s a sign around the side, but who has the time to walk around and look for it when there’s whiskey to drink and steak sandwiches to power through?

Certainly not me.

Jamie’s is well-known, but only among those who know of it. You know what I mean.

It’s another one of Sacramento’s fantastic neighborhood joints which seems to always be full of regulars who know the bartenders better than you do. When I was there, we were asking the bartender questions about how long she’d been working there, but before she could say anything a regular on the other side of the bar chimed in with all the right answers. Seemed like everyone there knew the answers but us.

In fact, last time I was there, the guy next to me at the bar specifically asked me to say that Jamie’s was “nice, but not that nice” for fear that a positive review on Nick on the Town would flood his comfy neighborhood bar with too many unwanted new patrons.

Well, I’m sorry, I just can’t do that. Jamie’s is awesome. I realize this review could result in upwards of 2 or 3 patrons “flooding” into Jamie’s on any given week and for that, dude at the bar, I apologize.

Oh, here’s the obligatory shot of me lifting a cocktail to my mouth. I’m not tired of them yet…neither the cocktails nor the photos of me drinking them.


That was a delicious one.

Jamie’s also serves dinner…like real dinners. Prime rib, fish, burgers and the aforementioned steak sandwiches (my recommendation). You really can’t go wrong.

Also, the past two times I’ve been there Tesla’s “Love Song” played. Hard to get more Sacramento than that.

* Friendly regulars at the bar
* Steak sandwiches
* Tesla-friendly bartenders

Middle of the road. I should start taking notes when I go to these places because I always forget how much things were when I leave. Let’s say $5 for a Maker’s on the rocks. Steak sammiches are like $9.

Post-work neighbors. It’s not the kind of place that’s open all night ( I think they close at 10pm) so it’s mainly a happy hour joint. If you’re a pack of crazy college kids looking for $2 u-call-em’s, stay away.

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