L is for L (no joke)

L Wine Lounge & Urban Kitchen
1801 L Street

The L Wine Lounge is another reason why L Street is quickly becoming a drinker’s street of dreams. As an added bonus, they don’t just serve wine. They have a full liquor selection and an “urban kitchen.”

It’s important to label the kitchen as “urban” because people often think a wine lounge connected to a massive upscale condo development on a busy street in the middle of a major metropolitan area is too rural.

I ordered a plate of duckitos when I was there and they were, to quote Billy Madison, quacktastic. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in the hills, but I had never had a duckito before. Thank you, Urban Kitchen, for showing me the way.

Anyhow, the L Wine Lounge is a classy joint with some impressive interior design. It’s a multi-level lounge with a few special nooks and crannies. It’s got a very hip, modern design that usually scares off people like me, but I for some reason, possibly because this was not my first stop, it felt perfectly comfortable when I was there. Perfectly urban.

Keep in mind that when the L Wine Lounge uses the word “urban” it’s using it in more of the way Urban Outfitters uses the word than, say, Lil Wayne would use it. Also, it should be mentioned, that the kitchen has little or nothing to do with Keith Urban. This is not his kitchen. He probably doesn’t even know what a duckito is.

I’m getting way off track here. Let me try to reign this in.

I went to the L Wine Lounge and I didn’t even have wine. I had some whiskey-based cocktail with a curly-q orange peel as a garnish. It was fantastic.l

I was in the minority, however. Most folks, like my un-named co-worker pictured below, were sipping away on various wines from around the world.


If I had one complaint it would be that there were no local wines on the extensive wine list. Where are the Boegers, Bogles, Carvalhos, Scribner Bendses, Revolutions, Railbridge Cellarses and others? What gives?

Despite the lack of local wine, the L Wine Lounge scores high marks across the board. My cocktail was not only delicious and very cool looking, but it also made me feel cool. The whole place just made me feel cool…real urban.

* The place makes you feel cool.
* Great location walkable to all kindsa great stuff.
* Huge wine selection.
* Happy Hour – Tue-Sat 3-6pm
* Duckitos
* No Keith Urban

Personally, I didn’t pay because my un-named co-worker pictured above picked up the tab, but for those who aren’t so lucky you’ll have to pony up the dough for this kind of quality. My fancy-schmancy cocktail came in at over $10, but man, did I feel cool.

Classy, hip midtown folks. I saw many pairs of jeans that cost more than my entire outfit. Of course, I use the term “outfit” loosely. I was wearing a barrel.

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