W is for the Wrangler

The Wrangler
8945 Grant Line Road, Elk Grove

Let’s say you’re visiting Sacramento and you make a wrong turn and instead of turning around or asking for directions you just keep going and going and going. Eventually, you’ll wind up at the Wrangler, easily the best bar in rural Elk Grove.

However, if you’re like me and some buddies of mine, you’ll end up at the Ol’ Farm House first which is a great way to ease into the Wrangler experience. The Ol’ Farm House is pretty much exactly what the name implies only there’s a gift shop, a petting zoo and tacos.

I have proof.

Then, just a country block away, you’ll find the Wrangler.

I was originally going to use the Wrangler for my Y bar, but that was when it was called the Y Not Club. This is actually a relief because the last thing I needed was to get my butt kicked by a bunch of bikers. I’d much rather get my butt kicked by a bunch of cowboys and the Wrangler provided me that opportunity.

Actually, the folks at the Wrangler, though suspicious of us at first, were quite friendly. Of course, we immediately earned their respect by ordering a bunch of frosty mugs of Bud Light and singing along to the Merle Haggard on the jukebox.

We were there on Thursday night which is line dancing night. This is kinda what it looked like in there:

It’s not a great picture because I was being sly with the camera since I was still trying to not get beat up at this point.

Anyhow, the bar is everything you’d want out of a rural country bar. It’s got cold beer, cowgirl bartenders, a dancefloor, a neon sign promoting George Strait, a map of the town painted on the ceiling and a huge outdoor area where I bet you could throw one hell of a hoedown.

Country bars are my favorite bars and if I could plop this place right smack in the middle of midtown Sacramento, I’d be thrilled (I know, I know, there’s that new Bulls place, but that’s for another post.) I know some folks in Sacramento have fought against being labeled a “cowtown”, but if being a cowtown means more bars like the Wrangler then I’m all for it.

Oh and Wednesday nights they have “Oakie Karaoke.” Let me know if you wanna go.

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