Y is for “On the Y”

Ok, so I’m bending the rules a little here, but they’re kinda my rules so it doesn’t really matter. Besides, even though “On the Y” doesn’t start with Y, I still feel that’s the letter its most closely associated with.

Of course, when I went there I couldn’t even find a sign that said “On the Y” but I’m still pretty sure that’s what it’s called. The important thing is that there was a sign that said “Coldest beer in town” and that’s all I needed. I suppose there’s an outside chance that the bar is just called “The Coldest Beer in Town” which would make even less sense for it to be my Y entry, but I’m rolling with it.

Oh and it’s called “On the Y” because it’s where Fulton Ave and the short-stretch known as Munroe Ave split. So it’s right over there kinda behind Loehmann’s Plaza. It also shares a parking lot with one of my least favorite bars ever, Joshua Pups.

Anyhow, “On the Y” is basically a death metal dive bar which is why I thought it was odd that there was a limo parked out front. Was there a chance there was a celebrity (i.e. Burt Reynolds) inside? Or maybe Cannibal Corpse just likes to tour in style. Upon entering, I deduced that the limo must just belong to the bartender on account of he and I were the only ones in the place. To be fair, it was like 4pm.

Anyhow, the place is dark inside, with a couple pool tables and a stage. The whole place was decorated with spider webs, skeletons and devils…ok, ok, it was the week before Halloween, but my guess is that the usual decor isn’t too different.

One thing that I’m sure doesn’t go away after Halloween are the hundreds and hundreds of disturbing band stickers affixed to the bar. I mean, I enjoy the dulcet tones of Embryonic Devourment and Rotten Funeral as mush as the next guy, but this is really sticker overload. Although, it is kinda fun to sit there sipping the coldest beer in town while trying to decode all the intimidating death metal fonts.

My PBR was $2 and it actually was pretty cold in a  nice icy glass. Some not so thrifty patrons came in later and misguidedly ordered “top shelf Long Island iced teas” which rang up to a completely unacceptable $15 apiece, but really, why were they ordering that here?

My guess is that this place is a complete mess during a death metal show, but on a tuesday afternoon, it’s not bad at all. The bartender was nice and he potentially drives a limo, so what’s not to like?