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produce stand September 18

America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital

Look at this super-professional guy! Sure, my tie is a little messed up, but still the folks over at the Sac State Alumni magazine really made me look like I was someone moderately important. I even got to strike classic professional photo shoot poses that are usually reserved for someone running for office or selling houses. And why did […]

grd August 30

Gold Rush Days 2013

Labor Day weekend is a busy one in Sacramento with the Rainbow Festival, Chalk it Up, the 50th anniversary Greek Festival and the SacAnime Festival. If you’re a gay, Greek, chalk artist of comic book heroes you’re going to have a very busy weekend. And if you love history, cold beer and country music it’s […]

IMG_20130719_125312 July 19

BLT Week: Update #4

Well, I just finished up a solid work week of BLT lunches with a trip to Old Ironsides. I’m not sure if Old I is on the official BLT Week list, but I know it makes one heck of a sandwich. The trick here is keeping it simple. I think this was my first BLT […]

nbb July 18

BLT Week: Update #3

A BLT should be a lot of things: Fresh, crispy and delicious to name a few. But one thing a BLT should not be is $14. And if a BLT is going to be $14 then it had better be the best dang BLT ever. That’s what I was hoping for when the fourth day […]

bite July 17

BLT Week: Update #2

Day three of Sacramento BLT Week took me to Hook & Ladder for a BLT with fish on it (it probably has a better name on the menu). They also offered a BLT pizza and a super-secret BLT ravioli that you can only order if you know it exists – and now you do! You’re […]

capdime July 16

BLT Week: Update #1

Ok, so it turns out that Capital (or Capitol) Dime is not an official BLT Week participant as I had read on some other website that is apparently no more credible than mine. Also, it turns out, Capitol (or Capital) Dime doesn’t even have a BLT on the menu. However, the fine staff was completely unfazed […]

BLT1 July 16

BLT Week

Bacon continues to ride a wave of unprecedented popularity and rightfully so. I mean, hipsters have made a lot of bad decisions over the years (i.e. skinny jeans, electronic music) but they’ve really made a good call on bacon (and mustaches). Bacon is everywhere and I have no problem with that. And it’s especially everywhere […]

idle May 03

Walk a Mile – 2013

Well, it’s that time again. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be strapping on high heels and doing WEAVE’s “Walk a Mile” event. This is my third year participating in this event and I’ll be honest, the heels aren’t even uncomfortable any more. I’m not sure if I’m proud of that or not. What I am proud of […]

??????????????????????????????? February 26

Another Beer Week Update – Plus High Heels!

Beer Week is rolling along quite nicely. So far I’ve been to LowBrau, Devere’s, Firestone, Red Rabbit, Morgan’s and Rubicon Brewing. Tonight, I’ll cross The Shack off my list. Still hoping to make it to New Helvetia at some point too. This beer isn’t going to drink itself, folks. So far, I think the best thing […]

Beer Week Brings My Blog Back to Life!

What better time to get “Nick on the Town” back up and running than Beer Week? I am challenging myself to attend at least one Beer Week event each day of the 10 day week….starting today. I’m not sure where to start, so I’m going to go poke around the Beer Week website for a […]

burgers September 11

Awww, Man I Can’t Make the Sacramento Burger Battle

This is probably the most disappointed I’ve ever been about anything. I can’t make it to next week’s Sacramento Burger Battle. If there’s anything I like more than a good burger it’s multiple good burgers engaged in some kind of fight, a “battle” if you will. I had plans on completely dominating this event which […]

Helping the Kids

I grew up in Placerville and I went to public school. There was a real and actual farm on campus with real and actual cows that I could hear mooing from my math class. Needless to say, the biggest school fundraiser of the year involved a cow pooping on the football field. No joke. I believe it […]

records June 13

Capital Public Radio Record Sale!

The annual Capital Public Radio Record Sale is pretty much my favorite weekend of the year. It’s coming up June 22nd-24th at the horribly named “Howe ’bout Arden” shopping center. Friday night is the “Preview Party” for CPR members, but if you pony up $20, you can get in too. The rest of the weekend has free […]

Dance Step of Death

If you know me, you probably also know my friend Ed. Ed has a long history of keeping things interesting. If the conversation is stalling, Ed will reinvigorate it with a perfectly placed – and often inappropriate – question. If drinking isn’t fun enough, Ed will incorporate somersaults. If the drive is too boring, Ed […]

Grape Escape Ticket Winner!

In a revealing display of how popular my blog and Grape Escape are, a whopping five people entered my drawing for free tickets. Here’s the video of me using a dumb Internets random picker thing that looks like a slot machine to choose a winner. If that doesn’t prove this thing is on the level, […]

WDImage May 29

Raley’s Grape Escape and Wine & Dine Week

Howdy wine lovers! Sacramento might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of “wine country,” but with over 200 wineries within a 90 minute drive of downtown the region certainly holds its own. There are a number of cool wine events in the Sacramento area and two of the best […]

Sacramento Music Festival – Bands to Watch

Ok, I’ve sifted through the 900 bands that are playing this weekend’s  Sacramento Music Festival. Here are a the top 5 that I’m looking forward to: Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys 10pm Saturday at the Freeway Gardens Get over your “I don’t like country music” phase and embrace the western swing of Big Sandy. […]

produce stand May 21

I Went to Soil Born Farms

So on Saturday I rode my bike down the bike trail to Soil Born Farms for their “Day on the Farm,” bought some organic jam and instagrammed the whole thing. I was, pretty much, at maximum hipness. Soil Born is one of the coolest spots in town and more folks should know about it. The […]

The Guy West Bridge. This foot/bike bridge is a handy way to get to the much longer bike trail on the other side. I believe Guy West was the first president of the university.Prove me wrong. May 02

Bike to Work Month

In honor of Bike to Work month, here is a photo breakdown of my ride in to work this morning. If you’d like to learn more about Bike to Work Month go to

Nick & Ed May 01

Team Hell on Heels Dominates Walk a Mile

Well, team Hell on Heels survived WEAVE’s Walk a Mile last Saturday. Powered by a delicious Mexican breakfast from Vallejo’s and their fantastic lineup of breakfast cocktails (isn’t a pina colada just a smoothie?), our team breezed through the walk and took home the trophy for most money raised by a non-corporate team! So, thank you to […]

SMEBB 2012

Well, it’s that time of year again for me take a closer look at the field vying for the crown of Sacramento’s Most Eligible Bachelor. This year they’ve also added bachelorettes to the mix, but I’m (just barely) smart enough to leave that alone. But if you were wondering what the extra B was for in […]

Sacramento Music Festival – Part II

Ok, ok, I might have been a little harsh on the Sacramento Music Festival earlier today. I’ve been contacted by some folks who say I should be more excited about it than I am. And, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I’m wrong about a lot of stuff a lot of the time. […]

Sacramento Music Festival

For many, many years now we’ve known that the Dixieland jazz of the “Jazz Jubilee” years was declining in popularity. So for a while they just called it the “Sacramento Jazz Festival” and incorporated all kinds of jazz from around the world. Still struggling, this year they’ve retooled the event to include a broader spectrum […]

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 2012

Always looking for an excuse to dress like a lady, I’ve rounded up a squad to participate in WEAVE’s “Walk a Mile in her Shoes” event on Saturday, April 28th. Basically, the deal is that we men strap on some ridiculous high heels and actually walk a mile in them. Then we play beer pong. […]

The Beer Week Homestretch

Well, we’re entering the final weekend of Sacramento Beer Week. I’ll probably hit a beer week function tonight, but the big Beer Week finale for me will be tomorrow’s DeVere’s to Devere’s bike ride…which ties in nicely with the North American Handmade Bicycle Show at the convention center. Check it out. To put you in the […]

Beer Week Barrels Forward

Well, we’ve reached the halfway point of Sacramento Beer Week 2012 and I’m still hanging in there. I had a bit of a rough start over the weekend when a ticket snafu kept me from the Capital Beer Fest, but I’m looking to make up for that this week. Here are just a few Beer Week observations […]

My Beer Week Schedule

Beer Week officially starts today and I’m finally getting a plan together. Today, my choices are “Beer Week Kickoff Party” at Ten22, “Dive for Beer” at Dive Bar, “Locals Only Takeover” at Alley Katz and “Barrel-Aged and Sour Extravaganza” at Hot City Pizza. Of course, it’s always important to be flexible when enjoying Beer Week, […]

Beer Fest Ticket Winners!

I gave you my malt, my hops, my yeast and my love, you gave me a gut That’s the winning beerku from our little contest. It was written by Paul Domich and his whole family must be very proud. Congrats, Paul! Four runners-up: Justin, Molly, Chris and Robert will be joining Paul at the Capital […]

Sacramento Beer Week 2012

Everybody’s  favorite 10-day week is back! Sacramento Beer Week runs from Feb. 24 to March 4 and it’s chock full of frosty goodness. If ten days of beer-fueled fun isn’t enough, I’ve got a chance for you to earn a couple free tickets to the Capital BeerFest, Feb. 25th at Cal Expo. More on that […]

Sacramento Cheat Sheet 2012

Ok, I’ve updated my handy-dandy Sacramento Cheat Sheet. It turns out that a few of the places on my old list had gone out of business. To make up for it, I’ve included a few places on this new list that are not yet in business. Here’s hoping Blackbird Kitchen and Firestone Public House don’t […]

Mustache Squad 2000 on the TV (Again)

Today marks the end of Mustache Squad 2000’s Movember campaign. Out of a team of thirty men we managed to get five of them up early enough to be on Good Day Sacramento this morning. Six, if you count our friend Ken Rudulph, but back down to five if you subtract Patrick since he didn’t have a mustache. […]

Mustache Update

Mustache Squad 2000 had another successful Mustache Happy Hour last night at AlleyKatz. Sadly, the photo had a lot of red eye issues so I was forced to give most of us oversized cartoon sunglasses. The team has raised over $3,000 and is set to return to Good Day Sacramento on Nov. 30th. Help us […]

Movember Update

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: Mustache updates from Mustache Squad 2000! These photos we’re taken 10 days into the month at our Mustache Happy Hour at Clubhouse 56. We have 27 team members now and about half showed up to the happy hour, but somehow I missed a few of them. Sorry, team. We […]

Want David Sedaris Tix?

Davis Sedaris is coming to the Crest on Friday, Nov. 18! If you want two tickets, email me  with two good reasons why I should give them to you. I’m not sure if he’ll be bringing the monkey with him or not….

Movember: Day 7

Here’s the mustache at the beginning of day 7 of Movember. It’s not really doing anything for me just yet. Don’t forget to support Mustache Squad 2000 as we raise money to support the fight agaisnt prostate cancer and other mens health issues . You can check out all the Mo Bros and donate to the […]

Mustache Squad 2000 – Day One

Movember is here! This morning Mustache Sqaud 2000 headed to Anthony’s Barbershop to get our official shaves. Even Good Day Sacramento showed up and we convinced Ken Rudulph to join the squad too. Here are the before and after shots of our crew.  Brandon – It took him three years to grow what little facial hair […]

Mustache Squad 2000

Mustache season starts tomorrow! If there’s one thing we men don’t like to do it’s go to the stupid doctor’s office. That place is a real drag, it costs a lot of money and usually we think we’re better off just not knowing what’s wrong with us than to have to go through that whole […]

My Weekend

Don’t know what to do this weekend? Well, here’s what my schedule looks like.  Depending on your feelings towards me, this could help you either seek me out or completely avoid me. Friday, June 24th 8am – Arrive at work. 8-5pm – Work diligently with no innappropriate breaks, facebook time or illegal online gambling. 6pm-9pm […]

France Invades Sacramento!

Bonjour, Francophiles! It’s time to grab your berets soak up some French culture right here in Sacramento. First off, we’ve got the 2011 Sacramento French Film Festival kicking off this weekend at the Crest Theater. This year’s movie line-up is, once again, extensive and diverse, but since I have little to no attention span, I […]

Good Stuff in Sacramento

Man, there’s a lot of good stuff going on in Sacramento over the next couple of days. Check this stuff out. First, a bunch of folks who are way more hip and talented than I am will be selling their wares at the Etsy Craft Fair at Freemont Park.  If crafts aren’t really your thing and […]

Sacramento Wine and Dine

If you’re tired of your wife, mother, family and, really, everybody of any importance to you always asking why you never take them anywhere nice, now is your chance to shove some fine food and wine in their faces. The Sacramento Wine & Dine event runs May 23rd-June 5th and boasts prix fixe menus at […]

It’s Beer Fest Season

If you love sample sized beers and wearing wristbands, now is your time to shine. Sacramento will have two beer fests in town over the next couple of weekends. First, there’s the 5th Annual Raley Field Brewfest. In an interesting marketing move, the website for the event doesn’t want to give away too many details. […]

Thanks for Your Support

  As a “thank you” to all of you fine folks who helped my team totally dominate WEAVE’s “Walk a Mile in her Shoes” event and raise over $1,200, here are some photos from the event.

WEAVE’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

April 30th is a big day for helping others in Sacramento. The March of Dimes’ March for Babies will be working its way around downtown Sacramento and WEAVE’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event will be happening on Capitol Ave between 19th and 21st. Both events involve walking for a good cause, but only […]

March Madness in Sacramento

To make up for my lackluster St. Patrick’s Day post, I’m going to try a little harder on this NCAA tourney post. Luckily for me, St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of NCAA tournament coincide this year… and just a week after Mardi Gras. Thank you, 2011. Anyhow, here is my breakdown of some […]

St. Patrick’s Day is Here Again!

It’s time to start planning your St. Patrick’s Day itinerary and I’m here to help you out. Of course – as you can tell from the picture above – I’m also extremely lazy and, as Irish luck would have it, I wrote a pretty solid Irish pub overview last year.  Now I don’t see any reason […]

Sacramento Beer Week Made Easy

If you’re anything like me then you’re getting inundated with various Sacramento Beer Week  emails, tweets and blog posts.  Well, here’s one more to cram into your beer-hole. To their credit, the Beer Week folks have been able to extend the “week” to an impressive 10 days this year. Pretty solid work, but it’s easy […]

Most Eligible Bachelor Update

Well, ladies, it’s come to this for you. Here are the Girls on the Grid’s 11 most eligible bachelors in town. Personally, I found last year’s list much more amusing, but I’ll still give you a breakdown. Sadly, my friend, Ed, didn’t make the cut, but he’ll still date you if you’re interested. I know […]

Sac’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Those crazy “Girls on the Grid” are at it again. The 2nd annual contest to find Sacramento’s most eligible bachelor (SMEB) is officially underway. Last year’s big winner, Patrick Harbison, successfully parlayed the SMEB tiara into at least 3 or 4 dates with lovely ladies who had absolutely no interest in ever seeing him again. Will this […]

Sacramento Favorites of 2010

Here are my favorite places in Sacramento for 2010. Notice how I’m not saying they are the “best” so you can’t really complain about any of my choices. Also, my opinions are not necessarily those of my employer, my family, my friends or anyone else who may happen to be within earshot when you are […]


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