A is for Applebee’s

It turns out that one area Sacramento is lacking in is places to drink that start with the letter “A.”

What was already slim-pickins has been further dwindled with the recent transformation of Azukar (a Mexican restaurant/Latin dance club) into Trada’s (or possibly “Troda’s”) Asian Kitchen.

All that adds up to a trip to Applebee’s to kick-off the ABC’s of Drinking in Sacramento.

At one time or another, we’ve all asked ourselves “What time does Applebee’s go off?” The answer? 4pm and if I’m gonna do something I’m gonna do it right.

So when the clock struck 4pm yesterday (a Tuesday) I jumped in the car and headed to Arden Way. I had invited pretty much everyone I know to come along, but for some reason, no one wanted a late afternoon party at Applebee’s. Luckily, my sister Lisa, who is obligated to step up when all my friends fail me, was up for the adventure.

Tell you what. All you folks who failed to join me missed out on a fine time.

First off, Applebee’s greeted us with Happy Hour specials. Half priced appetizers and some decent drink specials.

We ordered some fried cheese and basket of boneless buffalo wings.

For her, a pomegranate martini. For me, a mudslide.

There aren’t many places at which you can order a mudslide without the bartender responding with some lie about the blender being broken. At Applebee’s however, they are so eager to make the frozen chocolately deliciousness that they even offer to “mucho-size” it for you. Mucho-sizing is a magical system that can turn a normal cocktail into a life-altering experience.

It should also be noted that this place lets in waaay too much sunshine. Sorry for all the blinding apocalyptic light in the photos. Maybe I should go later in the day….or not use a camera phone.

Here’s my official breakdown.

* Huge Frozen Cocktails
* 90’s alternative rock on the stereo (Does anything complement a cantaloupe-sized mudslide better than Stone Temple Pilots?).
* Half price appetizers from 3-6pm Mon-Fri.
* Vagabond Inn right next door should the night spiral out of control for you.
* Sac State Hornet stuff on the walls.
* A 23oz beer glass called the “Brewtus.” I like that kinda thing.

Our bill was just a shade under $25 for the huge mudslide, the anti-oxidant rich pomegranate martini and our two appetizers. Seemed ok to me.

You know those Applebee’s ads with the hip group of moderately hot women and clean cut dudes laughing around the table? I’m gonna go ahead and call that a stretch.

Bonus Applebee’s Tidbit

Applebee’s has this video thing – it’s not really a contest – just a thing. You can shoot a video of yourself, upload it to Applebee’s website and possibly become an Applebee’s Internet superstar. Here’s 6 second of my sister brandishing a hot wing and enjoying her cocktail. I’m sure this will shoot to the top of Applebee’s list.

In conclusion, Applebee’s is pretty much what you’d expect, but if you’re at the Arden Fair Mall and you need a huge cocktail, you could do a heck of a lot worse. Just get the heck out of there before the place floods with various birthday parties for various grandmas.

Up next in the ABC’s of Drinking in Sacramento: “B is for Backdoor Lounge”