C is for Capitol Garage

Capitol Garage
1500 K Street
Downtown Sacramento

Admittedly, I had forgotten that the Capitol Garage existed and I did not intend to use it as my “C” in my drinking ABCs. However, as luck would have it, I just happened by the Capitol Garage and was easily lured in by a perfect storm of Happy Hour specials, Olympics on TV and a desperate need for a restroom.

The Capitol Garage used to be across the street in an old mechanic’s garage. They had to leave when that building was either destroyed or heavily remodeled (I can’t remember which) to construct The Park Downtown. Luckily, a new parking garage was built right across the street so the Capitol Garage could move in and still legitimize calling itself a garage. It even features fully-functional garage doors to really drive home the point.

The margarita (on the rocks, no salt) was tasty and the price was right ($3 during happy hour).

The main knock I have on this place is the weird faux-graffiti paint on the walls. Too much neon. It’s nothing a $4 basket of jalapeno poppers – which they also offer – wouldn’t make me forget, but it should still be mentioned.

* Happy Hour specials
* Also a coffee shop
* Delicious sammiches at lunch time
* Live Music

I dropped $3 on a margarita and it was worth every penny.

Kind of an odd mix at Happy Hour. Some hipsters drinking coffee mixed with the post-work crowd looking to get a head start on the weekend. On a side note, two of the hipsters were wearing t-shirts with scarves. This is a trend that needs to be nipped in the bud before we, as a society, embarrass ourselves.

On to the Distillery!