D is for Distillery

The Distillery
2107 L Street

My next stop on my alphabetical tour of drinking brought me to the Distillery.

This place has a lot going for it. It’s old and I’m always a fan of that. I like a classic looking, dimly lit bar. This place has the added bonus of food. Daily lunches and a different dinner special on each night of the week. Prime Rib for $15? Count me in!

The one thing working against the Distillery on this night was that I had already been drinking for like 4 hours when I got there (and yes, it was only 8:30pm). I knew my task was tough, but attempting to do bars B through F in one night might not have been a great idea.

Nevertheless, I got a gin & tonic. This photo pretty much sums up the situation:

Obviously, my night ended shortly thereafter.

* Excellent old-time bar decor
* Comfy barstools
* Gin
* Tonic

Possibly cheap. I’m guessing so. I still had money in my wallet when I got home.

I was there at an awkward time when the happy hour folks were gone and the live music crowd hadn’t yet shown up. So, basically, I was the clientele. I think the music they have rocks fairly heavily so that should provide some insight.