N is for Nishiki

Nishiki Sushi
1501 16th Street

Who wants sake bombs?

Better still, who wants $3 sake bombs and half price sushi rolls from 2:30-5pm Monday-Friday? The answer: pretty much everybody.

If you fall into the “pretty much everybody” category, I recommend hitting up Nishiki Sushi during the aforementioned hours.

I rolled in at about 4pm last week and that gave me and my Nick on the Town posse enough time to power through a total of 6 rolls and 5 sake bombs for just a hair under $50 just before the 5pm bell rang the cheapskates scattered.

If you don’t know, a sake bomb is a ridiculous “drink” that involves dropping a shot glass of sake into a pint glass of Japanese beer and shooting it down as fast as you can. It’s like a Japanese boilermaker.

Those wishing to make a real production out of it balance the shot glass on two chopsticks laid across the top of the pint glass. Then they pound on the table til the chopsticks move enough to allow the shot glass to fall dramatically into the glass. It’s messier, louder and it takes longer, but it’s a great way to show off how awesome you are.  

Sacramento has more sushi restaurants than you can shake a chopstick at and I wish I could say I prefer one over another, but they are all kinda the same to me. The same in a good way. Mostly I just chase around the best deal and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better one than Nishiki’s happy hour.

Nishiki does, however, have the best edamame – plump, juicy, wet. I don’t care for a tired, dry edamame because I like to salt those little buggers up and pound’m like peanuts. One catch at Nishiki is that the edamame is only free if you sit at the bar…at least that seems to be the deal. Luckily, sitting at the bar is what I do best.

Oh, and as an added bonus Nishiki Sushi shares a name with my crappy bike.

* Cheap sushi (Mon-Fri 2:30-5pm)
* Cheap sake bombs (same time)
* Plump, juicy edamame

Go during happy hour and you won’t regret it. Keep an eye out for lunch specials too.