The Amusing Bike Racks of Sacramento

Sacramento is a cycling kinda town. We hardly have any hills, we host the Amgen Tour of California, we have the American River Bike Trail and we have a bunch of cool things to chain your bike to. Check out these bike racks I’ve seen around town.

Hot Italian (16th & N)


These racks are so crazy that they actually have instructions on them. They are very useful, though, especially when the Hot Italian is offering discounts for bike riders like they did back in May. Also, it should be noted that this picture was taken a while back before the sidewalk was finished or the restaurant was painted. Trust me, it looks even cooler now.
Socal’s (52nd & Folsom)
This rack is a freakin’ pretzel! With little salt bits and everything. Just like the ones you can eat inside the bar only bigger and with bikes attached to it. Pretty cool way to chain your bike up, eh?


Look at the pretzel in action! Nothing says bike security like a salted snack.


Nolan’s Hilltop (like two blocks from Socal’s)
Nothing too fancy here, but they did go through the effort of putting their name on it. Mostly it’s notable for being right across from the new bike-themed restaurant, One Speed.


See? you can see One Speed right across the street. Yet for some reason the popular new bike-themed restaurant has a rusted out towel rack as its bike rack while the dive bar across the street has these beauties. I’m assuming they have something in the works.

The Bicycle Chef (32nd & Folsom)

A bike shop should have a cool bike rack and a kitchen themed bike shop should totally have a rack shaped like cutlery. Nice work, Bicycle Chef! Some other photographer should pedal on over there when the light is better and take a real picture.

Ink (N & 28th)


A bike rack shaped like a bike! Now we’re talking. They should have taken it to the next level and had the bike shaped bike rack chained up to a regular bike rack…or one shaped like a pretzel.

Anyhow, this is just a small sampling. As I pedal around town, I’ll collect up some more amusing bike racks. Even better, if you find one take a picture and send it to me. I can’t just be riding around looking for bike racks all day.