Sacramento Catch-up

I just thought I should post something since I’ve been away for so long. Here are a few Sacramento-related things I’ve got on my mind.

Idle Hour 50th Anniversary Party: It’s tomorrow (Thursday) and the Lew Fratis Trio is playing at 8pm. Come on out and say hi. Also, congratulate the Tahoe Park Rangers softball club (sponsored by the Idle Hour) on their summer league championship.

Hellbound Glory @ The Blue Lamp on Friday: This band was a lot of fun when I saw them a couple months back so I’ll be back this time around. I’m not sure who else is playing that night, but it should be a good one.

Café Marika: I live in fear of the couple that runs this place retiring and closing up shop. Luckily, they’ve recently painted and remodeled the inside. I’m assuming this means they’re sticking around for a while longer.

My Grandpa’s 90th Brithday Party: It’s on Sunday, but you are not invited.

Phono Select: I like this place a lot, but how can a record shop survive with these kids today with their downloads and their Zunes. Zunes are cool, right?

The Garlic Shack: This place has opened down the street from my office. So far, everyone is telling me it’s too pricey.  Have you been? Let me know.

Giraffes: Best thing at the zoo.

California Pizza Kitchen: Not too sad that this closed. Looking forward to the new DeVere’s/Mason’s venture going in its place.

Clark’s Corner: I still think this location should just go back to being a Shakey’s. This new place is ok though.

Tower Café: There’s always a line out the door on weekend mornings. Good for them, I guess, but you folks know there are lots of great breakfast/brunch options out there, right?

Cheaters: I stop here on my bike ride home pretty much every day. Just thought I’d give them a shout out.

My Pants: A little more snug every day.

Gold Rush Days: Everybody’s favorite old west celebration is coming back to Old Sacramento over Labor Day weekend. Get ready for that. I’ll be working in the beer garden and wearing a cowboy hat.

L Wine Lounge: I hope this closure is short-lived. Even though I can’t afford to drink there, I always liked the idea that it was there should I come into some cash.

EarthTrek Expeditions: If you find yourself having to entertain 15 British folks (as I do), I highly recommend a rafting trip with EarthTrek.

Ginger Elizabeth: The Parisian Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich is the single most delicious food item available in Sacramento.

This Blog: I will try harder.