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produce stand September 18

America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital

Look at this super-professional guy! Sure, my tie is a little messed up, but still the folks over at the Sac State Alumni magazine really made me look like I was someone moderately important. I even got to strike classic professional photo shoot poses that are usually reserved for someone running for office or selling houses. And why did […]

grd August 30

Gold Rush Days 2013

Labor Day weekend is a busy one in Sacramento with the Rainbow Festival, Chalk it Up, the 50th anniversary Greek Festival and the SacAnime Festival. If you’re a gay, Greek, chalk artist of comic book heroes you’re going to have a very busy weekend. And if you love history, cold beer and country music it’s […]

IMG_20130719_125312 July 19

BLT Week: Update #4

Well, I just finished up a solid work week of BLT lunches with a trip to Old Ironsides. I’m not sure if Old I is on the official BLT Week list, but I know it makes one heck of a sandwich. The trick here is keeping it simple. I think this was my first BLT […]

nbb July 18

BLT Week: Update #3

A BLT should be a lot of things: Fresh, crispy and delicious to name a few. But one thing a BLT should not be is $14. And if a BLT is going to be $14 then it had better be the best dang BLT ever. That’s what I was hoping for when the fourth day […]

bite July 17

BLT Week: Update #2

Day three of Sacramento BLT Week took me to Hook & Ladder for a BLT with fish on it (it probably has a better name on the menu). They also offered a BLT pizza and a super-secret BLT ravioli that you can only order if you know it exists – and now you do! You’re […]

capdime July 16

BLT Week: Update #1

Ok, so it turns out that Capital (or Capitol) Dime is not an official BLT Week participant as I had read on some other website that is apparently no more credible than mine. Also, it turns out, Capitol (or Capital) Dime doesn’t even have a BLT on the menu. However, the fine staff was completely unfazed […]

BLT1 July 16

BLT Week

Bacon continues to ride a wave of unprecedented popularity and rightfully so. I mean, hipsters have made a lot of bad decisions over the years (i.e. skinny jeans, electronic music) but they’ve really made a good call on bacon (and mustaches). Bacon is everywhere and I have no problem with that. And it’s especially everywhere […]


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